The WARS Armor Radio Network

Hello I want to introduce you all “The Armor Radio Network Family” Below is a list of stations that are under my W.A.R.S. FLORIDA Network and also “Powered” by Armor Radio Station. With “Proud” owners from coast to coast we can do what other NON-Licensed radio stations cannot. Like take you from a small spin count and bring you over 10,000 in 30 day with what we have now. You cannot get this and be paid your royalty money anywhere else I can assure you of this as I have did many weeks of homework and studies of other radio stations trying to come up from “YOU” the artists name. I have been around for just about 10 yrs in radio  and a total of 23 yrs in the music industry and frankly branding is everything. Each one of these stations all have “100% Organic Numbers” what does that mean for you? It means we do not buy fake views or fake traffic, It is strictly because of the Armor Radio Station name & pride of the current owners that own all of these stations.


So go ahead and visit the stations below and keep watching this post as we will continue and add more here as they come online. We do have another 4 that are waiting for their builds but I have not released yet so please keep us with us. In the mean time if you need a radio campaign feel free to reach out to myself or any of the station owners and we can help you with that.


Please also understand our time is not free at any of of these stations. Encoding your tracks so that they show up properly in our system, taking the time to set your rotation, making artist webpages and adding bio’s and whatever else it takes to place the focus on you the artist. We run the “Largest” group of Digital Broadcasting Radio Stations in the U.S. today next to Clear Channel & CBS Radio.

Want your own 24/7 Live Radio Station & be a part of the fastest growing Network around? Contact Winn here or on Facebook:


Thanks for spending your day with W.A.R.S  Tampa, Florida & the WARS Armor Radio Network.

Make sure to visit all of our stations and drop them a line and let them know you support them as well.  ( Owner ) Winn Karl  ( Owner ) Malachi Fotripleo  ( Owner ) Jai Carey  ( Owner ) Evan Jones  ( Owner ) Big Work & Adrian Williams  ( Owner ) Dee – Jus Kut N Up ( Owner ) Bigpapitone ( Owner ) Rip Rodgers ( Owner ) Marc S  ( Owner ) Michael Marshall  ( Owner ) Chad Dickens  ( Owner ) Tammy Jones   ( Owner ) Rip Rodgers  Coming Soon  ( Owner ) ( Owner )